Benefits Plus Checking®

BenefitsPlus® Checking is our value added account that offers discounts and savings on many services including restaurants, air travel, hotels, cruises, movie tickets, department stores and theme parks.

Everyone who opens a Free Checking Account automatically receives a free trial of Benefits Plus® for up to 3 months (number of free days in the first month is determined by the account opening date). This account is always free for Premier Members. After the free trial, Enhanced and Value Members pay $3 per month.

You may opt out of Benefits Plus® at any time and switch to free checking by calling or e-mailing us with the subject heading "Remove Benefits Plus." Please include your first and last name and account number.


Download and send in your application.

Courtesy Pay

Opt in to Courtesy Pay now so you'll have continuous protection.

Our Courtesy Pay program is a benefit for all Members with checking accounts (with additional benefits for Premier and Enhanced Members).

Please note: Courtesy Pay may only be added to an account after 90 days if the account has been "active" (ex. Direct Deposit, debit card transactions, ACH, etc.)

Courtesy Pay helps you avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of unnecessary merchant fees when an item is returned for insufficient funds.

If you opt in, besides paying your checks and preauthorized debits, Courtesy Pay will also cover debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals when your account has insufficient funds. If you do not opt in, we decline ATM and debit card transactions when you do not have enough money in your account to cover them.

The opt in rule does not apply to Courtesy Pay coverage on checks or automatic bill payments that you have set up to pay your mortgage, rent or utilities. We automatically provide overdraft services for these types of transactions. If you do not want overdraft services in these instances, please call the Credit Union.

Courtesy Pay is only accessed after all other account sources are exhausted, i.e. transfer from available funds in Savings or Overdraft Line-of-Credit.

Premier Members are covered to $750 by Courtesy Pay. Enhanced members receive up to $500 in coverage and Value Members get $300. All allowable limits include Courtesy Pay fees.

You have 15 calendar days from the date each covered transaction is posted to your account to repay the transaction amount and Courtesy Pay fee. Failure to repay by day 16 will result in a late fee.

See the Frequently Asked Questions about Courtesy Pay.

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Payroll, Social Security, pension, stock dividends and expense reimbursements are all eligible for direct deposit.

You will need:

  • AFCU Routing number 221276370
  • Your AFCU account number
  • Specify where you want the funds deposited (Savings, Checking, etc.)

For your convenience, download the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it to your Human Resources department.  If further information is required, they can contact us.