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The Family Security Plan®


For over 50 years, The Family Security Plan® has been connecting credit union families with high quality affordable insurance benefits that fit your lifestyle and budget. With The Atlantic Federal Credit Union and The Family Security Plan® on your side, you can secure a bright future for your loved ones by making informed decisions about insurance!

The Family Security Plan® knows how crucial it is to protect your family and their financial well-being. That’s why they’ve built their comprehensive educational hub – a one stop resource for all your financial wellness needs!

Members have access to:

Whole Life Insurance
Secure your family’s future with permanent protection that never expires.  Should you need cash for any purpose, you may borrow against the cash value in your life insurance policy.   

Term Life Insurance
If your family is faced with the loss of you and your income, ease the financial burden with protection at an affordable price for a specific length of time. 

Disability Income Insurance
In the event that you are unable to work due to a disabling injury or illness this is a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have income.

Critical Illness Insurance
Focus on getting better with a lump sum benefit paid directly to you upon the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness.*

Accident Insurance
Handle the medical and out of pocket costs that add up after a covered accidental injury with this benefit.

Hospital Sickness Insurance
Pays money directly to you if you get hospitalized due to an illness, regardless of any other coverage you may have.


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Added Benefit

Get expert guidance, pro tips, and valuable insights to empower you in securing your family’s future. Your journey starts at

To find out more about any of The Family Security Plan® programs, visit or call 855.789.4976

*Covered critical illnesses are defined in the policy.  

Insurance products are offered by The Family Security Plan, a licensed insurance broker, and are not federally insured. The Family Security Plan is not an affiliate of The Atlantic FCU.