EMV Chip Visa Credit Card

We are upgrading our Visa credit cards to a microchip card in order to provide you with enhanced benefits and improved security! It has a traditional magnetic strip with a new embedded microchip for an added layer of protection at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. It can also be swiped as usual even if the terminal doesn't have chip technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will this upgrade occur? The conversion should be completed by mid-August.
  • Will my credit card number be the same? Yes, we will expire the original card and reissue your new card with the same number.
  • Will the new card need to be activated? Yes, you will be given a toll-free number to call in order to activate the new card.
  • How do I use my new card differently from the original card? Your chip card is simple to use. Instructions on how to make purchases will be included with the new card or you can review them here.